About the benefits of living plants in the aquarium

For decorating an aquarium, many choose beautiful plants that bring pleasant vivacity to the water element. They act not only as an attractive decoration, but also are of great benefit to fish and other inhabitants of the home pond. It is important to know why live plants are needed in an aquarium, the main advantages to buy aquarium plants online and possible difficulties.

In the care of aquarium fish, living plants play a huge role, creating the right microflora. They purify water, absorb carbon dioxide and organic matter released by the inhabitants of the reservoir in the process of life. A special benefit of living vegetation in aquariums is to saturate the water with oxygen, and for some fish, living plants become additional food.

In addition, the flora in the aquarium performs an aesthetic function and has a beneficial effect on the condition of the fish. In green thickets, the inhabitants of the aquarium can hide, relax, relieve stress and spawn.  And in general, an aquarium without living plants looks empty and dull. So always we need to put atleast a same aquatic plant.

The number of seedlings for the aquarium is calculated taking into account the volume of the tank and the number of living fish. The more of them in the aquarium, the higher the need for oxygen and vegetation. But it is unacceptable to overdo it with the number of plants, as they can harm the fish, occupy the entire free territory of the aquatic environment, preventing the inhabitants of the home reservoir from swimming normally.